How to measure yourself

Getting accurate measurements is crucial in making a custom piece. If we are going to make a custom item, we might as well make it fit right in all the right places!

Here are some tips on getting accurate measurements. For best results, as a friend for help.

When measuring, hold the tape taught, but not too tight. I know, we all want to see smaller numbers, but it is best to have accurate measurements for the best fit!

Over Bust
Your overbust measurement is taken above your bustline around your underarms
Full Bust
Your bust measurement is going to be the largest point around your chest.
Under Bust
The underbust measurement is below your breasts around the area where your bra band sits.
Your waist measurement should be the narrowest point around your torso (it should not be around your belly button!). It is usually below your rib cage.
Pro tip!
I find it helpful to run my hands along my sides to find the narrowest point. Another option is to tie a piece of elastic tightly around your waist and move around. It will naturally settle at your narrowest point.
Your hips are the largest point of your booty (not your hip bone). I find it helpful to measure this in my underwear or a loose fitting/lightweight pant so it's not too "compressed"
This is usually the largest point around your thigh. Some of my patterns call the thigh the point halfway between your crotch and knee. If I need that mid-thigh measurement I will specify that!
Your trunk is measured by going from your shoulder, down your back, through your legs, and back up. Make sure to measure over your bustline instead of between your breasts.

Depending on how tall you are and how long your tape measure is you may need to measure this with a string and then lay the string by your tape measure.

This measurement isn't used often, unless we are making a swimsuit or romper, etc.
The is measured from your crotch to the point on your leg where you would like your hem.

This may vary depending on the style of pants your want whether you want them to touch the floor or go to your ankle bone.
Sleeve length
Finished length
For both of these measurements we start at the crease in the armpit.
For sleeve length, measure to the point on your arm/wrist/hand that you would like the hem of your shirt.
For finished length on items like dresses we will measure from this same point and measure to the point on your leg that you would like the hem to hit....
When doing your measurements be sure to stand up straight and DO NOT lean over to look at the tape measure, etc. If you need to, use a mirror or a buddy to help you so your measurements are accurate. If you lean over while measuring you will not get the correct measurements!