Women's Hoodie | Floral and Feather on Black and Heather Grey {1X}

Women's Hoodie | Floral and Feather on Black and Heather Grey {1X}

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This hoodie is shaped, but not tight fitted.
This item features:
Thumbhole Sleeves
Kangaroo Pocket
Crossover Hood
Standard body length
**modeled photos are just to show fit/size and are not the color/print of the item for sale**

Like this item but it's not your size? Feel free to reach out to me to see if we can create something similar!

Hoodie Information

Founder image
Founder image

Body Length

There are two body lengths available for custom hoodies.

The standard hits about mid booty or slightly above depending on height.

The Long length tends to hit below the booty on most women.

Model pictured here is wearing a small standard length pink hoodie and a medium long length purple hoodie and is 5'5"

Sleeve Options

You have three options for sleeves on your hoodie. One is a hemmed sleeve

The second option is a thumbhole, which I use the color of the body to accent, unless you specify otherwise

And the third option is a standard cuff which will give it a little pop of color.

Product imageProduct imageProduct image
Founder image

Accent Zipper

The accent zipper is an add on that adds a little fun and flair to your hoodie.

There are two options with the zipper: 
1-You can simply add the zipper that will have a narrow lining behind it (about big enough to fit a tube of lip gloss or
2- A large pocket that you can put a cell phone* or credit card in.

*will fit MOST cell phones

Design now

Nursing Hoodies

Icon- Breastfeeding by Deemak Daksina from the Noun Project

Stay warm while you nurse!

My nursing hoodies are they same cozy hoodies as my regular hoodies, but I ease the waist out a bit to accommodate you postpartum body.  

zipper by anam from the Noun Project

Snaps or zippers

Choose your option of snaps for the standard option or upgrade to zippers for a statement look (and it doesn't look like a nursing hoodie!)

breastfeeding on chair by Gan Khoon Lay from the Noun Project

Modesty layer

Crop length under layer hits just under the bust line to easily pull up.

Shop Nursing hoodies now